Color Radiance PREMIUM Gift



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You can choose how the recipient receives their gift.

We can:

  • send email to the recipient on the date you choose
  • mail gift card to the recipient, via USPS (put their address in the shipping details)
  • mail gift card to you, via USPS (put youaddress in the shipping details)

Please allow 5-7 business days for USPS delivery to the United States, and 9-14 days for international shipping.

The recipient will receive a link to upload their photos, complete the online questionnaire, and schedule their LIVE VIDEO consultation with Jeannie, Founder of Color Guru.

To purchase multiple gifts, add each gift one at a time to your cart with each recipient’s information.


   Recipient receives:

  •  COLOR CARDS (their best shades!)
    • digital (for their phone)
    • laminated (for their bag)
    • exclusive color tests performed on their photo
    • identification & description of their seasonal type
    • how to shop like a ninja with their color card


    • digital (for their phone)
    • laminated (for their bag)
  • 50 MIN Q&A ZOOM CHAT with Jeannie (founder of Color Guru)
  • SILK/CASHMERE PASHMINA, hand-selected for them by Jeannie