3 Things I’ve Learned From Being a Professional Color Consultant

Before I was offering online color consultation services, I was actually an in-person color consultant.  Yep, Color Guru actually started with me holding color parties in people’s homes!  People always say “Sort of like a Tupperware party?”  Yep!  Sort of like a Tupperware party!  I would take my 200+ fabric swatches and drape people in front of their friends to show them what a difference the right shade could make, and making personal color recommendations as I went!

It was a lot of evenings and weekends, and I began to get overbooked, which was a problem because I had a baby and a toddler at the time.  So, since then, I’ve become strictly and online color consultant.

However, what I’ve learned color parties as well as well as virtual consultations doesn’t change.  Here are 3 of the things I’ve learned from being a seasonal color analysis expert.

Most people only know 2-4 of their best colors

People tend to thing they know their best colors, but generally, they only know a few.  That’s great, but there are lots of colors they are completely ignoring that will look amazing on them.  It’s funny because most people think – “If I get my colors done, I’ll feel limited to just those colors” but the exact opposite happens!  When we hand them a color card with their best 35 shades, they actually feel liberated to try all these new, beautiful shades they’d never considered before!  And try them with confidence, knowing that those shades will highlight their hair, skin, and eye color.

Colors can change with age, but only for a small percentage of people

The most common question I get asked as a color advisor is “What is my color palette?”  Obviously…

However, it is usually followed up by the question “Will my colors change with age?”  For the majority of people, the answer is no.  When I’m looking for someone’s color palette for skin tones, I not only consider their skin, but their hair and eye color as well.  Eye color doesn’t change much after the age of 7.  The undertones in the skin also don’t change – even though the overt color may look lighter as we age.  The hair, however, is changeable – whether through natural hair color changes or artificial ones.  Sometimes when someone with cool skin and eyes had warm hair and then it turns cooler as they age, they can jump over to a cool color palette serving them better.  The most common is that I see Autumns, Winters, and Springs sometimes turn into Summer types.  Here is an example below with Laurie.  With the deeper, warmer hair on the right, she looks best in Warm Autumn color palette shades, but once her hair has gone grey, the light, cool, muted Summer color palette suits her best.  Her original skin color palette had to change because with light, cool hair framing her face, her ideal types of colors changed with it.

A color palette will completely transform the way you shop

For this one, just head over to our Google reviews!  Almost everyone says their shopping has been transformed by shopping with their color card.  Here’s one of over 100 Google reviews!

Shopping with a color card takes the “guess work” out of buying the best colors for you.  Having your color style nailed down with professional color consulting services is an absolute game changer.  I always tell people “You’ll never shop the same way again!”

So, those are my 3 things, but here’s a few more questions I get asked a lot.

What is a color analyst?  

A color analyst is someone who analyzes your skin, hair, and eye color to match you with your ideal color palette for clothing.

Which season are you?

I’m a Calm Summer, and I’m a rare person who’s season DID recently change!  I used to be a Calm Autumn, but much like Laurie, my hair has cooled off with age and I have muted, cool skin and eyes.

Do I need to look for a color consultant near me? 

As a virtual expert, I can confidently say no!  We’ve refined our virtual color consultation system for the last 10 years.  We made mistakes in the beginning for sure!  But now, we know the art and science of seasonal color analysis like the back of our hand.  Our color consultants have determined season types for over 10,000 people in 25 countries (and counting!)  We would love to help you find your very best colors!