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in Everything You Wear

Here’s what a COLOR consultation can do for you!

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Are you always grabbing grey, black, or other neutrals because they’re the “safe” choice?

How Knowing Your Colors Helps You

Highlight Your Beauty

The wrong colors can make you look older, tired, or washed out. The right colors make you GLOW!

Simplify Your Shopping

Match the clothing in the store  to your color card, and feel confident in your choices!

Coordinate Your Wardrobe

Your color card is a “family” of colors, so your clothing will coordinate together beautifully!

Are You Ready to Feel Beautiful and Confident Every Day?

Your color card has your 35 best shades! Simply match clothes in the store to the colors on your card. Feel confident that you are buying a beautiful color for you!

How Your Color Consultation Works

3 Easy Steps

#1 – Choose Your Color Consultation Package

#2 – Answer a Few Questions and Submit Your Photos

#3 – Receive Your Color Radiance Report and Color Card

Then, enjoy clothes shopping with confidence and clarity!

The Color Guru System

We’ve created an exclusive 12 type seasonal color analysis system in order to give you the most accurate color results available online!

We analyze your hair, skin, and eye color to match you with your ideal color palette for clothing.

Which of the 12 types are you?


Meet the Color Guru

Hi! I’m Jeannie Stith-Mawhinney, aka The Color Guru

I’m obsessed with helping real women feel beautiful and confident in their clothes by giving them their ideal color palette for clothing.  

I come from a background in the arts, and am also obsessed with color!  No black and white photos in my house 😊.    

I’ve helped thousands of women in 23 countries rediscover their love for dressing, shop more simply, and create a coordinated wardrobe – all by knowing their best colors.

I live in Wilmington, DE and have two little girls – Violet (of course I picked a color name!) and June.

Our Clients Are Loving Their Results!


(Flame is one of Kelly’s best colors!)

“Not only do I look better, but my closet is much simpler. Can't recommend enough!”

I received color consultation from Color Guru several years ago and am still applying the principles to my wardrobe today.  It felt like an ancient secret had been shared with me!  Not only do I look better, but my closet is much simpler. Can’t recommend enough!


(Pansy is one of Jenna’s best colors!)

“My Color Guru consultation has completely changed the way I think about my clothes.”

Before Color Guru my wardrobe was super dark, but my Color Guru consultation has completely changed the way I think about my clothes. It was a bit scary at first to move away from the blacks and grays I’ve always been comfortable with, but for the first time I actually have a plan in place! Now I can finally invest in the colors and clothing that make me GLOW.


(Crisp Cobalt is one of Missy’s best colors)

“Well, I have to say that I’m more than happy with the result!”

Following the Color Guru’s advice, I discovered that this blue was a great color for me, so I decided to give it a try.  I had a crush on this color the very first time I saw it, but didn’t think I could actually wear it.  Well, I have to say that I’m more than happy with the result!


(Lapis is one of Annelise’s best colors!)

“I absolutely loved talking through my color test results with Jeannie during my Premium consultation!”

Jeannie at Color Guru is fabulous! I absolutely loved talking through my color testing results during my Premium consultation. I’ve always known I was a winter, but had no idea what type of winter (I fall into the second rarest category of the 12 – Vivid Winter) 

If you’re curious for yourself or a gift for a loved one, do not hesitate! You will find a surplus of information and color cards to help you as you keep in mind what shades suit you best!  Thanks Color Guru!


(Sea Glass is one of Annie’s best colors!)

“Totally worth the investment and such a fun experience!”

Before getting my colors done by Jeannie, I was just guessing at what looked good on me. I was all over the place, too!  I was wasting a lot of money on clothes that didn’t look right and just struggling when it came to shopping. 

I’m so glad someone recommended Color Guru to me!  This has been so illuminating! I just cleaned out my closet and it was SO easy to do. I wish I had done this ages ago. Totally worth the investment and such a fun experience!


(Papaya is one of Meera’s best colors!)

“Now I know exactly what looks great on me!”

Working with Jeannie at Color Guru was so much fun!  Now I know exactly what looks great on me!  I now shop confidently and rock all of these new colors! 


(Midnight Navy is one of Amanda’s best colors!)

“The clothes in my closet work so well together now!”

I LOVED working with Color Guru. I am a proud Moonlit Winter. 🙂 The clothes in my closet work so well together now, and, when I go shopping, I feel much more confident that I am picking the right things. (I never buy anything without consulting my color card!)


(Lemon Drop is one of Abbie’s best colors)

“Life changing! I never knew that colors could make such a difference!”

“Life changing!  I never knew that colors could make such a difference! More than make up or even a new hairdo.  Thanks for the secret weapon!  I wish I’d known this years ago.”

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