Are you a Spring type? The Warm, Bright Colors of the Spring Palette Revealed!

I love hearing people say “Spring has sprung!”

I live in Delaware, and after going through a long, cold winter (Missourians are rolling their eyes right now) there is nothing like the sight of that first crocus at the very start of Spring. Those first daffodils, tulips, and leaves sprouting from tree branches, Spring signifies LIFE!

And just like the colors of Spring, a true Spring color palette is full of shades that are Warm, Bright, and Clear.


What are Spring colors?

A Spring seasonal color palette is full of warm and bright shades like poppy red, daffodil yellow, and tangerine orange. Some of the neutral Spring colors are ivory, cream, camel, and clearer browns. Spring clothing colors are happy, joyful colors!

There are 3 different coloring patterns that we see in Spring types, and that they each need a unique Spring seasonal color palette.  Are these palettes entirely different?  No.  There are definitely colors that overlap – some of the neutrals do, but there are some important differences in the other colors depending on that particular Spring’s skin tone, hair, and eye color. Spring palettes vary, depending on their dominant quality – light, warm, or bright. At Color Guru, we offer a full range of color analysis.


Here’s how we break down the types:

Sunlit Spring – The light Spring color palette

Copper Spring – The warm Spring color palette

Vivid Spring – The bright Spring color palette (or sometimes referred to as the “clear Spring color palette”


Here is an example of a our Copper Spring color palette:


How do we determine your Spring season colors?

First, we always do a broad color analysis based on your photos (we require at least 7!) and the answers you give us in the questionnaire. If you’re identified as a Spring type in the broad seasonal color analysis, then we do a much more specific Spring seasonal color analysis to determine which of the 3 types of Spring you are.  This gets you in the exact right Spring palette for your unique coloring. Explore the Spring palette further here.


A few classic Spring color schemes from the Spring colors palette that would work for all of the 3 types would be:

Teal, Ivory, Watermelon Pink

Bright Navy, Wheat, Spring Blue

Poppy Red, Ivory, Sweet Peach


Spring celebrities include: 

Kate Hudson (Sunlit Spring)

Amy Adams (Copper Spring)

Blake Lively (Vivid Spring)

The exact right Spring season colors for each of the 3 seasonal types highlights their natural beauty!


The Spring color palette is so beautiful, bright, and warm!  If you’re one of the 3 Spring types, you’ll find that one of the 3 Spring color palettes will suit you perfectly! Get your analysis done now.


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