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  • Essential + Makeup Card $209 ($188.10 after coupon)
  • Plus $249.00 ($224.10 after coupon)
  • Premium $795.00 ($715.50 after coupon)

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Got Questions?

Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

It’s simple!

  • Choose a Color Guru Consultation package.
  • Answer a brief questionnaire.
  • Upload your photos.

We’ll take it from there! We examine your questionnaire and study the colors in your eyes, lips, cheeks, hair, and skin. We look at your overt coloring as well as undertones, highlights in the hair, flecks in the eyes, etc. Then, we analyze your photo a second time using our exclusive Color Guru tests.

You’ll receive a copy of these tests in your Color Radiance Report.

You’ll also receive a digital and laminated version of your color card, which looks like this:

You’ll receive two versions of your color palette card – a digital version for your phone and a laminated version for your purse or pocket.

Take either one shopping with you, and simply scan the clothing racks for your colors!

Now, you’ll know that you’re buying a color that’s flattering on you.

For patterned, or multi-colored clothing, we recommend a simple rule of thumb – if the pattern has 75% or more the colors on your card, go for it!

If you shop within your color card, you’ll eventually have a completely coordinated wardrobe! Here’s a closet filled with Calm Autumn colors.


We got this question so many times that we partnered with makeup artist, Leisa Kanienberg of imakeupartistry, to create a line of Color Guru Makeup Cards.

Our goal was to create cards that simplify the makeup buying process for you. These are “go-to” color choices for your season type – match the color to whatever makeup brand you prefer.

Makeup cards are available in the Premium package or as an “add-on” to the Essentials package.

Here is a sample makeup card. Leisa is our makeup guru!

Makeup card sample from Your Color Guru  

For 80% of people, no, your season does not change when your hair goes grey.

However, as we age, we all lose warmth and natural color in our skin and hair.

So, for some people (about 20%) who are toward the center of the warm/cool spectrum to begin with, this can mean a change in their season type.

Example: Laurie changed from an Autumn type to a Summer type as her hair went grey.

It might. If you want information specifically related to hair color, consider the Premium package. We discuss hair color in this package during your Zoom chat with Jeannie.  She will give you suggestions for an all-over hair color and a hair color with highlights.


But…only because we gather a lot of information from you before we perform your consultation. We require several photos of you. This way, we can see how you show up in different lighting.  If we can’t see what we’re looking for in the photos you submit, we’ll bug you to send more 🙂

We also require you to fill out a questionnaire, where you tell us about your hair color as a child, how your skin reacts to the sun, describe your eye color, etc.  All of this information informs our analysis.