Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your clothing?

I have.

In fact, I remember wondering how could I have a closet packed with clothes and still feel like I had “nothing to wear?”

Back then, I was so sick of:

Looking washed out in my clothes

Feeling like I was guessing at what looked good on me while shopping, and

Having a cluttered closet full of pieces that didn’t go together

And I knew what I wanted:

To feel gorgeous and glowing in my clothes, ALL of them

To know exactly what to buy when shopping

To have a coordinated closet where everything “went with” everything

But I didn’t know how to get there.

Until I discovered seasonal color analysis.

Turns out, not every color looks good on every person.   

The wrong colors make you look washed out, overwhelmed, tired, and older. The right colors highlight your natural beauty and make you look radiant and glowing!

PLUS, when you shop what I call “Color First”, you simply scan the store for your best colors and ignore everything else!  This rang my efficiency bells!!!  

My theory was that if I always shopped “Color First”, I could look better, cut my shopping time in half, and create a coordinated wardrobe through color!

I did a test run for a few months.  And DANGIT.  It worked.  Then, I became obsessed with helping others discover their best colors, and this new way of shopping for clothes.  

But the problem was that the seasonal color analysis systems that were available at the time were outdated.  Many of the colors they recommended for me I couldn’t even find in stores, so I decided I’d have to create my own color palettes, taking into consideration that the colors had to be:

  • flattering,
  • fun, and
  • findable!   

This was the time in my life when I went into full-on “leave-me-alone-honey-just-order-a-pizza-for-the-kids” researcher mode. 

I dove in and learned everything I could about hair, skin, and eye color, and how those features determined our ideal color palettes.  And then I created my first set of color cards, which I then revised several times that year.

A color card is your cheat sheet for buying clothing, and are based on your unique hair, skin, and eye color.  Just match the colors on the card with the clothing in the store, and voila!  You know that you’re choosing a wonderful color for you.  

Here’s Kat (Sunlit Spring) with her color card.

If you’re looking for an easy way to look better, shop smarter, and create a coordinated wardrobe, there is no smarter approach than simply discovering your best colors!
The Color Guru has been featured on:

Featured article in Delaware Today Magazine—click here to view.

Meet The Color Guru Team

Lois Positos

Our Cheery Consultation Manager

Lois Grace Positos. Lives in the Philippines. Lois loves colors, pets, travel, and spending time with her family.  She’s a lifelong learner and loves to discover and learn new things.  Dedicated and always makes sure to be joyful in everything she does. 

Color Guru says:  Lois was the first person I hired back when Color Guru first began.  She brings a positive attitude to her work, keeps the consultations moving smoothly, and is always looking for ways to be of service to the team.  Lois is an amazing asset!

Jenny Godowsky

Affiliate Coordinator & Shipping Goddess

A proud Twilight Autumn, lives in Wilmington, DE with her husband and two little girls. While her background is in music education and school counseling, Jenny decided to stay home after the birth of her first daughter. She loves assembling and sending little packages of color joy to the lovely Color Guru clients. Ever since she was little, Jenny has always said her favorite color is rainbow, so working with Color Guru is a perfect fit!

Color Guru says:  Jenny is super organized and detail oriented.  Does your shipping person think about which stamp would look prettiest on whichever color envelope she’s sending?  Mine does 😊

Jess Reilly

Our Techie Savior

An accomplished web developer with more than 15 years of WordPress experience, Jess supports and updates the Color Guru website.

With a degree in computer engineering from Penn State University, Jess is a former software engineer and brings a deep understanding of the technology behind the websites she builds.

When she’s not on her computer, Jess loves to hike, read, garden and spend time with her family.

Color Guru says:  Jess effortlessly handles all the website technicalities that used to stress me out!  She is an absolute joy to have on the Color Guru team!

Rachel Fajilan

Social Media Planner & Graphics Gal

A Taurus with a penchant for crafts, milk tea, watching movies, and loves to relax with my pets – five cats and dogs!  I am so in love with my new baby Amethyst, and I believe that there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.  Be colorful, be you! 

Color Guru says:  Rachel is exceptionally reliable, easy to work with, and has a great eye for graphics/design. We love her!

Alex del Tufo

Color Analyst

Alex is a recent graduate of Boston University and new member of the Color Guru team, doing color analysis and helping with communications and marketing. She fell in love with color analysis after her own consultation with Jeannie a few years ago and is a growing fan of clothing and fashion. A few of Alex’s other interests include hanging out with her golden retriever, reading, thrifting, and finding the best coffee shops! 

Color Guru says:  Alex has been a breath of fresh air to our team!  She has a keen eye for color analysis, and she’s both super easy to work with, yet strongly opinionated – a great combination!



Master Hair Colorist

Allie is a hair stylist and master colorist who owns her own hair studio – Hair Alchemy by Allie.  Allie grew up watching her two grandmothers, who were also in the trade. She says “Hair is my passion!  I love being creative and making people feel great about themselves!”

Color Guru says: When I met Allie and saw her work, I could see that she understood both the art and science behind great hair color.  Our clients had been asking for hair color help, so Allie has been the perfect addition to our team!

Jeannie Stith

Founder and CEO &
Head Color Analyst

Jeannie is obsessed with helping real women look and feel amazing in their clothes.  She helps women create the wardrobe of their dreams by analyzing their hair, skin, and eye color in order to give them their ideal color palette for clothing.  She teaches an online course called “Style Secrets”  Jeannie is a mother of two girls – Violet and June, and they live in Arden, DE.

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