Have you ever felt overwhelmed by clothes shopping?

Have you ever felt guilty when you see the amount of unworn clothing in your closet?

Have you wasted half an hour trying to put an outfit together and still weren’t happy with the result?

I have.
Jeannie Sith, Founder, Your Color Guru
I’m Jeannie.

Color Guru emerged from my own struggle with clothes.

“How could I have a closet PACKED with clothing and still feel like I had nothing to wear?”


Why did I feel BLAH in my clothes?



Why was putting outfits together so hard?

I knew what I wanted.

To feel confident in my clothes.

To know exactly what to buy when shopping.

To be able to put a great outfit together in under 5 minutes.

I wanted it to be EASY to LOOK GREAT

So, I asked myself...How could I look great AND shop more efficiently?  

The answer came to me!

Color First.
Color First.


Turns out COLOR is a GAME CHANGER.

Not every color looks good on every person.  

The wrong colors can make you look washed out, overwhelmed, tired, and older.  

The right colors can make you look radiant, glowing, and highlight your natural beauty.  


PLUS, when you shop COLOR FIRST, you simply scan the store for your best colors and ignore everything else!  This rang my efficiency bells!!!  

My theory was that if I shopped like this, I could look better AND cut my shopping time in half

I did a test run.  And DANGIT. 

It worked!  
It worked!  

Then, I became fascinated with helping others understand their best colors and this money-saving and time-saving way of shopping for clothes!  

Here’s where I went into full-on researcher mode. 

I learned everything I could about hair, skin, and eye color, and how those features determined our ideal color palette. 

I created the Color Guru Palette Cards, tested them countless times on real people, and revised them until they were just right.

Your color card is your cheat sheet for buying clothing.


I then helped my friends discover their best color palettes. 

The one word feedback I got most often...


The one word feedback I got most often...


Friends of those friends started requesting the service, and...

Color Guru was born!