Hi! I’m Jeannie.


It took me 35+ years to put my finger on it, but all of my interests – interior design, mosaics, textiles, watercolors, graphic design, even yoga –have one thing in common: Color.

When I get the colors right, my projects soar. When color is off, everything’s off (blocked red chakra, anyone?)

I’ve renovated three houses, and picking out colors is always my favorite part. Lowe’s could charge me rent. I can spend some serious time in their paint section, examining every swatch.

Bold colors don’t scare me. My front door is Behr English Daisy – a head-turning yellow that could make a highlighter marker weep. (I painted it just one month before HGTV Magazine featured English Daisy as their front door cover photo – just sayin’. #trendsetter).

I also love working with people, helping them live their best lives. I’ve been a certified life coach since 2011. When I discovered color analysis, I couldn’t stop gushing about it to my coaching clients, because I felt so good now that I was finally wearing “my” colors (all while spending less time and money shopping AND fielding tons of compliments). I wanted them to experience the same confidence boost. The same attainable high.

That’s when it clicked.

Color has the power to bring out the best in everyone.

Without changing a thing about yourself, you can take your natural beauty up a few notches simply by knowing and wearing certain shades.

It works on everyone, but to me, holds a certain power for women.

Colors are the best tool I’ve found for helping women finally acknowledge and embrace their unique beauty. When she sees herself in the just right shade – the color that plays up her natural assets – there is a magic that happens.  Suddenly, she sees herself in a new way.  Now that I’m a professional color consultant, I live for these moments.

When I watch my two little girls (ages 2 and 5) prancing around like they are the most glorious beings on the planet (spoiler: to me, they are), I want to do everything in my power to help people feel that way in every scenario, at any age:

Confident, beautiful, and free.

I worked incredibly hard to develop these Color Guru palettes. I studied every color analysis system I could get my hands on, learned a ton about color theory, and tested colors again and again on friends, family, acquaintances, and even the occasional stranger when I was bold enough to ask. I was determined to make my color palettes the most beautiful and accurate that exist.

Even though my focus this time was clothing and not wall color, Lowe’s once again came in handy. I took home swatches of every single paint color they carry (I felt like they might arrest me. Are you allowed to leave with 50 beiges?!) I had a plan that if anyone asked, I’d be like “They’re for my mom. She’s REALLY indecisive.”

At home with nearly a thousand shades, I critiqued them using my research, my consultation experience, and my gut. Does anyone really want to wear baby poop yellow-y brown? Ummm…no. I  painstakingly decided which colors deserved the 35 coveted spots in each of the seasonal palettes – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. And because there are three variations of each season – Sunlit Summer, Moonlit Summer, and Calm Summer, for example – I scrutinized each shade even further, highlighting hues that different complexions wear best. It was a slooooow elimination process, not unlike The Voice. Maybe longer. Definitely less fun to watch.

Finally, the palettes were just right.

I ordered corresponding fabrics for each shade (which I use for in-person parties) and digital versions of each color, too (for online consultations). They’ve caused happy tears. They’ve inspired better buying. They’ll give you your first glimpse of what it means to wear your best color – and look and feel your absolute best in return. It’s gloriously simple and gloriously rewarding. Even more, it’s knowledge you have for the rest of your life, so you never have to wear the wrong shade again.

Here’s a picture of my sunroom floor set up (ahem, very professional) working on the Autumn palette. My kids used the blocks you see in the corner of the photo to build towers all around me, then knocked them down rather loudly, over and over and over again. I would usually find this quite annoying, but this time it didn’t matter. I was in the zone.


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