Are you a Summer seasonal type?

Each seasonal type has it’s own unique beauty and it’s own beautiful color palette, and for Summer types, the best Summer colors are Cool, Light, and Muted. Get started with your analysis here.


What are Summer colors?

A summer season color palette is full of soft colors like pastels, some great neutral colors like soft white, charcoal grey, navy, and taupe, and some rich colors as well like cranberry, evergreen, and plum.

We noticed pretty quickly that there are 3 different coloring patterns that we see in Summer types, and that they each need a unique summer seasonal color palette.  Are these palettes entirely different?  No.  There are definitely colors that overlap, but there are some important distinctions on their unique palettes depending on the summer’s skin tone, hair, and eye color.  Summer palettes vary, depending on their dominant quality – light, cool, or soft.


Here’s how we break down the types:

Sunlit Summer – The lightest of the Summer types

Moonlit Summer – The coolest of the Summer types

Calm Summer – The softest of the Summer types


Here is an example of a our Sunlit Summer palette:

Colors for summer skin tone include soft white, charcoal gray, light blues, light pinks, cranberry red, and navy to name a few.  Turquoise, Raspberry, and Teal Blue are a few of the bright Summer colors.


A few classic Summer color combinations that would work for all of the 3 types would be:

Baby pink, dove gray, soft white

Navy, soft white, baby blue

Charcoal gray, cranberry, soft white


Summer celebrities include: 

Reese Witherspoon (Sunlit Summer)

Amanda Peet (Moonlit Summer)

Alicia Silverstone (Calm Summer)


The exact right Summer palette colors for each of the 3 seasonal types highlights their natural beauty! Learn more about the Summer palette here.


The Summer colors palette is so beautiful, soft, and airy!  If you’re one of the 3 true Summer types, you’ll find that one of the 3 Summer color palettes will suit you perfectly! Get your analysis done now.


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