Are you a Winter seasonal type? How to embrace the winter color palette

Each seasonal type has its own unique beauty and its own beautiful color palette. A Winter color palette is full of shades that are Cool, Deep, and Clear. Get started with our analysis here.


What are Winter colors?

A true Winter color palette is full of cool based jewel-tones like ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green.  Winter types also get such classic neutrals – they look beautiful in black, crisp white, and navy to name a few.  A true Winter palette is full of colors that lean crisp, cool, and highly saturated.  As a color season Winter, you look amazing in high contrast.  That means the colors you wear are more different from each other than they are similar.  Here is a visual representation of high contrast versus low contrast.


High Contrast outfit – black, white, red


Low contrast outfit – shades of blue


But all winter colors are not highly contrasting!  While the Winter palette should be mostly clear, saturated colors, Winter types can also wear well a few carefully selected pastels very well.  Pastel winter color palette colors include:  baby blue, soft pink, sea glass green, and light lavender.

Here is a Winter type in a softer blue, and it’s quite beautiful!



There are 3 different coloring patterns that we see in Winter types, and that they each need a unique Winter colors palette.  Are these palettes entirely different? No. There are definitely colors that overlap – the neutrals do, but there are some important differences in the other colors depending on that particular Winter’s skin tone, hair, and eye color. Winter palettes vary, depending on their dominant quality – cool, deep, or bright. Explore the winter palette analysis more here.


Here’s how we break down the types:

Moonlit Winters – The cool Winter color palette (sometimes referred to as the Cool Winter palette)

Twilight Winters – The deep Winter color palette (sometimes referred to as the Dark Winter color palette)

Vivid Winter – The bright Winter color palette (sometimes referred to as the Bright Winter color palette)


Here is an example of a our Moonlit Winter color palette:

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How do we determine your seasonal color type?

If you already know that you’re a Winter, you may be asking “What Winter Color Palette Am I?” First, we always do a broad color analysis based on the answers you gave us in the questionnaire and the photos you uploaded (we require at least 7).  If you’re identified as a Winter type in the broad seasonal color analysis, then we do a much more specific Winter seasonal color analysis to determine your dominant quality and discover which of the 3 types of Winter you are.  This gets you in the exact right Winter palette for your unique coloring.


A few Winter colors for clothing – color combinations that would work for all of the 3 types would be:

Cherry red, black, crisp white

Emerald green, sea glass green, crisp white

Midnight navy, baby blue, maroon


Winter celebrities include: 

Moonlit Winter – Lauren Graham

Twilight Winter – Amanda Gorman

Vivid Winter – Zoe Deschanel

The exact right Winter season colors for each of the 3 seasonal types highlights their natural beauty!


The Winter colors palette is so vibrant and crisp!  If you’re one of the 3 true Winter types, you’ll find that one of these color palettes will suit you perfectly! Get your analysis done now.


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