3 Simple Reasons to Know Your Best Colors

Have you ever thought to ask “What are my colors?”

Likely, some of you have.  But some of you are like me 20 years ago and when my aunt said to me “I think you’re picking ALL the wrong colors for yourself” I was like “Wait, there are RIGHT colors?”  (I’m fully admitting that I was not born with superior color analysis abilities, they were indeed learned.)

Why plunk down the money for a color expert to do a personal color test on you so that you can find your color palette?  Is it really worth investing in a virtual color analysis?

Now, you know I’m biased, but still 100% YES.  And considering that the #1 feedback we get from our clients is “I wish I had done this YEARS ago” I think I’m not alone.

So here are 3 simple reasons why you should know your season colors.

1 – You’ll look your best in your colors 

Have you ever wished someone would just tell you what looks best on you so you could just put it on and be done with it?  I know you have because if you’re like most of the people I work with, you’re a busy person who doesn’t have all day to browse fashion magazines and Pinterest for outfit ideas.  You have more important things in your life.

BUT…you still want to look great!  You just want it to be easy.  And knowing your colors does just that.  Makes it easy to look great in everything you wear!

See, not everyone looks good in every color.  The wrong colors can make you look older, tired, washed out, even ill.  While the right colors make your skin and eyes look brighter, your teeth look whiter, and give you a GLOW.  There are lots of those colors, so whey not wear JUST THOSE all the time?

2 – Shopping for Clothes Becomes Super Simple

Clothes shopping is a WHOLE thing.  There was one time in my life I remember liking it, and that was when I was a teenager and my mom would drop me off at the mall for a few hours with my best friend Kat.  We would browse, we would try things on, we would ooh and ahh over things we liked, and laughed at things we didn’t.  It was a fun afternoon of leisure.

Now, at 46, I own a business, I have two kids who do activities, I’m active in my community, I do laundry, cook, clean, etc.  An afternoon at the mall?  Not gonna happen.  So I online shop.  Sometimes I grab a cute top while I’m picking up household stuff at Target.

And this is where having a color card really shines!  If I’m at Target and a top comes in 10 colors, I know EXACTLY which one or two are best for me.  It eliminates the choice, and it feels SO easy.

If I walk into a clothing store, I just SCAN the racks for my colors.  Then, if I take 5 things into the dressing room, all I assess is whether I like the fit.  I already know all the colors work beautifully on me.

If I’m online shopping, I just google search “teal top” (because teal is literally my fave color ever) and viola – 100 teal tops appear before me.  Easy peasy.  Shopping time is cut in half!

3 – You Automatically Create a Coordinated Wardrobe

Having a seasonal color analysis done by a color consultant provides so much more than just which colors look best on you.  It creates a wardrobe where everything matches seamlessly.  As I’m know for saying “It’s not just your prettiest colors – it’s a PLAN for your wardrobe.”

See, your color card is a FAMILY of colors that are designed to work together.

When you pull out a pair of pants, nearly every top will go with them. When you put a dress on, you automatically have shoes, jewelry, a jacket that goes with it.  Your outerwear, your belts, your bags – everything matches!

Putting outfits together becomes simple and fun.

So, I highly recommend looking into getting a 12 season color analysis by a professional color analyst.  It helps not only with every day dressing, but also in so many cases outside of daily dressing:

  • best colors to wear for professional photos
  • best colors to wear on camera
  • best colors to wear for video interview
  • best colors to wear for pictures outdoors

The list goes on!  A seasonal color analysis test is an investment that will pay off for years to come.