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Do you wonder if your current hair color is actually the one that suits you best?

Do you want to show up at your hair stylist, feeling confident about what you’re asking her/him to do?

Do you wish someone would just tell you what hair color would look amazing on you?

Has your coloring changed over the years and the hair color you’ve had for years isn’t flattering anymore?

Are you new to hair color and don’t know where to start?

Color Guru to the Hair Rescue!
Meet our Stylists

Allie is a hair stylist with 10 years of experience who owns her own hair studio – Hair Alchemy by Allie. She works with all hair types and has extensive experience with all color, including vivid and bold/non-traditional hair color. Allie grew up watching her two grandmothers, who were also in the trade. She says “Hair is my passion! I love being creative and making people feel great about themselves!”

Allie Smuz, Master Hair Stylist
Marisa Peal, Master Colorist

Marisa is Philadelphia native, a licensed cosmetologist plus the texture + curly hair nerd of OrganixLocs, a platform which highlights and uplifts women and their healthy textured hair. She works with heavily textured hair ranging from fine to kinky/coily/spongy. When she’s not in the salon slaying manes you’ll find her facilitating hair care workshops for young women and girls to remind them of their unique individuality.  She loves to visit green spaces like parks and outdoor gardens, exploring delicious cuisines, and coffee shop hopping.

During your 15 minute Zoom hair color consultation, the stylist you’ve chosen will share their custom recommendations with you, and answer all of your hair color questions!



“I got the exact looks that I wanted in my perfect colors!”

Marisa was such a warm person. I felt like I was talking with a friend who happened to be an expert on hair care and color! I really loved how she listened and asked me deeper questions to help me be more clear about what I truly wanted… I got the exact looks that I wanted in my perfect colors to make me shine the most.

Elizabeth - after hair color consultation


"I'm delighted I did this for myself!"

I loved how incredibly thorough Allie was with her suggestions. She clearly had done quite a bit of prep work for the session. She knew my hair type, what would suit me best, and made her suggestions simple and straightforward. This was a great experience, I’m delighted I did this for myself!

Eliza - after hair color consultation


"Allie was extremely informative with her suggestions for me!"

Allie was extremely informative with her suggestions for me. Not only did she give me the information so that it was easy for me to understand., but she followed up with an email with technical wording that I could share with my personal colorist.

I really appreciated her talking me through why she had chosen what she had!


“She gave me great ideas about color for my hair...
and also gave me invaluable information on products to maintain my hair”

Marisa put me at ease immediately with her warmth and insightful questions. She listened to me while I gave an overview of how I take care of my hair. She was relatable and very empathetic. She not only gave me great ideas about color for my hair (pulling up several photos) but also gave me invaluable information on products to maintain my hair in between visits. This was particularly helpful as I am planning on moving and will face different weather conditions than where I currently live. We also spent time talking about the kinds of flattering cuts I could ask my stylist to do during my next appt. Given the short amount of time for the session, this appt exceeded my expectations! Marisa then followed up with an email reviewing what we discussed. An overall excellent experience.

Custom hair color consultation from Color Guru
Based on the photos you provide, we will prepare a custom hair color for you.
During your 15 minute Zoom chat, we will show you: 

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