We Upgraded the Color Cards!
Introducing Version #2

Please Note: If you received your email results prior to April 13, 2022, you have version #1 of the color cards. (Save it as a backup, plus, it might be worth something someday – you’ve got a Color Guru Original 😊)

If you received your email results AFTER Monday, April 13, you already have the new Version #2 of the color cards! No need to upgrade.

Color Card 2022

Wait, are my colors totally different now?

Nope! The circles side of the color card received very minimal changes.

97% of your colors are EXACTLY the same.

However, we have rearranged the circles to be more visually pleasing, so your color card may APPEAR more different at first glance than it actually is.

Here are the changes we made:

What does the upgrade cost?

Digital color card (circle side) are available to past customers for FREE!  Scroll down and fill out the form to request a new digital card. 

Can I get a new laminated card too?

Upgraded laminated cards are available at a discount ($15 & free shipping).  To request a new laminated card, visit the Color Card Upgrade page.  Note:  If you have previously ordered a makeup card you will receive a laminated makeup card as well at no additional charge when you order a new laminated color card.

Will there eventually be a Version #3?

Possibly.  However, we are committed to offering Version #2 exclusively for the next 5 years.

In 2027, we’ll reevaluate Version #2 and tweak if needed.

While the colors on the updated cards will never change drastically, we are committed to a growth mindset, and our goal is to always provide you with the very best color cards that we are capable of producing.  

Did you change the makeup cards as well?

The makeup shade recommendations have all stayed the same.

However, like the color cards, we’ve redesigned the backs of the laminated makeup cards to provide more free value to you – complete with a QR code where we’ll continue to add content over time!

Again, the digital version of the makeup card is the same.  No need for a new digital version.

Get your new digital color card here!

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