Not Your Mother’s Seasonal Color Analysis

Often, when I tell people I’m a professional color analyst, they ask “Wait…is that what my Mom had done in the 80’s/90’s?”  Well, yes…and no.

When I was looking for someone to do my colors for the first time, I had such a hard time finding seasonal color analysis near me.  And I’m in the Philadelphia area, so a major US city!

I finally found someone who could do my first color analysis consultation in 2011, and it was from a color analysis system that was started in the 1980’s.

The woman doing the seasonal colour analysis test on me was only choosing between 4 different color palettes, and I knew deep down that only choosing between 4 seasons couldn’t possibly be specific enough.

There was only:

An Autumn color palette – a deep, warm toned color palette

A Winter colors palette – a deep, cool toned color palette

A Spring color palette – a light, warm toned color palette

and a Summer colors palette – a light, cool toned color palette

The professional color analyst determined that I was an Autumn, and I did absolutely look great in about half the colors she recommended, but the other half didn’t look so great.  I learned later when I began to intensely study color analysis that this was because I was on the borderline of Autumn and Summer.

The other issue was that because the color palette had been created in the early 1980’s, I couldn’t find a lot of the colors in stores because those colors were just not available anymore.

What is the best color analysis system?

The best color analysis system is based on both a science and an art.

Helping people find their personal color palette is based in color theory.  The science is the color theory.  The art is the experience gained over years of doing color analysis and knowing exactly what to look for so that the client never looks overwhelmed or washed out by the color they are wearing.

There have been several seasonal colour analysis systems over the past 50 years.  And like any service, important improvements continue to be made.

We had 3 big intentions when we created the Color Guru system.

The 3 F’s – Flattering, Findable, Fun


When we created the Color Guru system of online seasonal color analysis, we knew we needed more than four seasons, so we broke it down further to honor the wide variety of skin, hair, and eye color that we see from our customers on a daily basis.

We came up with 12 color categories:

Summer seasonal color analysis is now broken down into:

Sunlit Summer, Moonlit Summer, and Calm Summer

Winter seasonal color analysis is now broken down into:

Twilight Winter, Moonlit Winter, and Vivid Winter

Autumn seasonal color analysis is now broken down into:

Twilight Autumn, Copper Autumn, and Calm Autumn

Spring seasonal color analysis is now broken down into:

Vivid Spring, Copper Spring, Sunlit Spring


We knew that we had to give people modern colors that they could actually find in stores.  We could not include dated colors that couldn’t be found anymore.


We knew we wanted the entire color analysis process to be fun!  So we created a company that is fresh, modern, affordable, unpretentious, and friendly!

And that’s how Color Guru was born 🙂  Not your Mom’s seasonal color analysis.