Save $500 This Year by Getting Your Colors Done

Have you ever heard that most people only wear 20% of what is in their closet?  It’s true!  Don’t you find yourself grabbing the same stuff over and over again?

Meanwhile, you’re ignoring all of these clothes that you spent good money on.  You try it on, you take it back off.  It just doesn’t feel right.  Why don’t you want to wear those clothes?  You aren’t even sure.

I’m speaking from personal experience here.  For the longest time, my cluttered closet left me frustrated.  I wasn’t wearing more than half of my clothes, so why did I buy them in the first place?  I felt guilty for the money I’d wasted, but I couldn’t help it, I did not want to wear those clothes!

Here’s the thing.  No one teaches us how to buy what is actually right for us, clothing-wise.  Most women are taught to impulse shop.  I know I was.  Go the the clothing store, browse around, and buy what you like in the moment.  2 weeks later, you try and wear it…and hmmm…you don’t really like it anymore.  What happened?  Impulse buy regret strikes again.

The average American woman spends in the $2000 – $3000 per year on clothes.  And if half of them end up being things we don’t want to wear, that’s $1000 – $1500 of wasted money.

Now not all of these mistakes are color mistakes, but some of them are!  That’s why I estimate the average person who does a virtual color analysis saves $500 per year.  Very simply, once you know your color style via online seasonal color analysis, you only buy colors that are wonderful on you!  You stop making color mistakes.  You stop buying colors that will wash you out, overwhelm you, and make you look older, tired, even sick!

Now, back in the 1980’s, there was only 4 season color analysis based on a skin color palette.  They used to cover the hair with a towel!  When we were creating the Color Guru system, we saw very quickly that only 4 seasons based on skin tone color palettes were not nearly diverse enough to properly assess the wide variety of skin tones we saw in our clients.  Beyond that, we saw clearly that you can’t just base color analysis on skin tone only.  For the best and most accurate analysis, you must take into account skin, hair, and eye color.  So we created 12 unique seasonal types and the right seasonal color analysis test to go with each one.  Actually, we developed several season color tests.

When I was first diving into online color analysis, it was because my aunt had told me that I was wearing “all the wrong colors”.  She told me I needed a color consultation.  “What is a color consultation?”  Is it like a color season quiz?  I had taken a free personal color analysis test online once, but it hadn’t really helped much.

So, I tried to find a color analysis near me in the Philadelphia area.  I was really surprised when I couldn’t find anyone who was providing this service in person!  Philly is a major US city, and all I was looking for was a person to provide a personal color analysis test for me.

I finally found a retired image consultant who gave me me first set of colors.  Even though they were dated, left over from the 80’s colors, it was still a game changer for my wardrobe!  I could not believe the difference in how I looked, the number of compliments I was getting, and how my clothes started to work together!

That’s when I became obsessed with creating my own system for how to determine seasonal color analysis!  I studied every color analysis system out there, dove into and trained in makeup shades, hair color, and most of all, clothing colors!  And now, we give you, our clients, your personal color cards, which we are so proud of!

Seasonal color analysis is BACK!  And it will save you money each year to come to know your colors!  The feedback we hear most often?  “I wish I had done this YEARS ago!”