Seasonal Color Analysis is an Easy, Instant Makeover

People never expect the massive difference wearing the right colors makes.  I’ll show you a few photo examples in this blog so you can see for yourself, but first, let’s talk a little bit more about why seasonal color analysis makes such a big difference.

Wearing your best colors is the fastest and easiest way to look better.

The wrong colors can wash you out.

What does it mean when a color washes you out?  As a color analyst, I hear this question all the time.  Well, here’s a perfect example.  After her color analysis with us, our customer Iris came to us with before and after photos that truly blew us away.

Here are her before photos, where she tended to wear cool, muted earth tones, dark tones, and some pastels.  Here’s she’s wearing some of the tones that are in the Summer color palette.

But even though a random online color palette quiz or untrained eye might put her in these colors, Iris is not a Summer type…

Seasonal color analysis is an art and a science.

Now, as soon as we saw Iris’ coloring here at the Color Guru, we knew that she would look her best in bright, clear, warm colors – the Spring colors palette.  These cool, muted tones in the BEFORE photos were washing her out.

Here’s the thing – these cool, muted tones don’t wash everyone out!  On some people, they look absolutely amazing and highlight their natural beauty.  But on Iris, these tones were BLAH.

After our initial analysis of the 7 photos Iris submitted, we knew Iris was a Spring.  After our more in depth analysis, we knew Iris was a Sunlit Spring!  She’s the lightest of the Spring types, and here is the color palette we gave her:

And here are the results on Iris.  I mean, I based my whole business around seasonal color analysis because I believe in it so strongly, but even I was completely blown away by the difference!

Looking for an easy, instant makeover?

Getting a quality seasonal color analysis from a reputable color analyst is the easiest way to transform your look for the better!  The makeover affects not only how you look, but is a closet makeover as well since the color palette we give you is a family of colors that work together!  Everything starts to coordinate effortlessly.

How do I find color analysis near me?

To answer the question “Which season are you?” you don’t need to search for a color analyst near you or take your chances with an inaccurate online seasonal color analysis quiz.

Color Guru is a virtual 12 color seasons service that has served people in 26 countries and counting!  Over the last 10 years, we’ve become the most reliable and best color analysis system available online.

Our seasonal analysis process is simple!  Answer a few questions, submit 7 photos, and in 3 business days you’ll have your color results delivered right to your inbox!  Learn more at