Frosty Glamour: Unveiling Winter Makeup and Beauty Secrets

Jeannie, founder of Color Guru

Welcome to Color Guru, where we turn the frosty hues of winter into your personal style playground! Being a winter type means you’ve got the drama and intensity of a snowy evening sky in your look, and guess what? We’re here to help you wrap that cool, vibrant essence into your makeup routine. Think of us as your beauty snowflakes, unique and perfect for highlighting your icy cool undertones. Our custom color palette service is like a cozy fireside chat, where we get to know the real you and match makeup that’s as vivid and striking as a winter’s night.

Now, let’s talk colors! Imagine painting your lips in the rich, bold tones of a berry picked straight from a winter wonderland, or dusting your eyes with the shimmer of a frozen lake at dawn. We’re all about those plush plums, electrifying blues, and sultry silvers that make your features pop like twinkling lights on a snowy evening. And finishes? Matte is your best friend, giving you that effortlessly chic look, while a little sparkle here and there is like catching snowflakes on your fingertips. At Color Guru, we believe your makeup should be as fun and fabulous as you are. So, let’s skate into the world of winter beauty together.

Discovering Your Winter Color Palette

As experts at Color Guru, we often encounter the enchanting world of winter types in our color consultations. Winter individuals possess a natural allure characterized by cool undertones in their skin, hair, and eyes. Our mission is to unveil the makeup styles and shades that best amplify this unique beauty. Winter types often shine brightest in high-contrast, rich hues. Think of the stark beauty of a snowy landscape against a night sky; this is the essence we aim to capture in your makeup palette.

Choosing the Right Foundation and Concealer

For winter types, the foundation is the canvas upon which your winter beauty is built. Opt for a foundation that complements your cool undertones, steering clear of yellow or orange-based products. A porcelain or rosy-beige shade often works wonders. Similarly, a concealer that brightens while providing coverage is key. Remember, the goal is to enhance your natural skin tone, not mask it.

Eye Makeup: Bold and Dramatic

Winter is all about making a statement, and your eyes are the perfect canvas for this. Cool-toned eyeshadows like deep plums, navy blues, and icy silvers not only complement your natural coloring but also add a touch of drama. For eyeliners and mascaras, black or dark gray can create a striking contrast, making your eyes pop. Don’t shy away from experimenting with metallics or shimmer for evening looks, as they can add a glamorous touch to your winter palette.

Lip Colors: Rich and Bold

When it comes to lip colors, winter types can embrace boldness. Rich reds, deep berries, and luxurious purples align perfectly with your cool undertones. These shades not only complement your skin tone but also add a touch of sophistication and elegance. For a more understated look, opt for a mauve or soft pink, ensuring it has cool, not warm, undertones.

Blush and Highlighter: A Touch of Frost

Blushes and highlighters for winter types should mirror the cool freshness of the season. Opt for blushes in soft pinks or light berries, which add a natural-looking flush to your cheeks. Highlighters in pearlescent tones can create a beautiful, icy glow, enhancing your features with a touch of winter’s shimmer.

Embracing Unique Winter Hairstyles

Hair color and style can significantly impact your overall look. Winter types often excel with bold hair colors, whether it’s a jet black, a cool ash blonde, or even vivid blues and purples for the more adventurous. The key is maintaining a cool tone that harmonizes with your overall winter palette. Sleek, polished hairstyles often complement the winter type’s natural elegance, though soft, flowing styles can also add a whimsical charm.

Accessorizing Your Winter Beauty

As a winter type, your unique beauty is accentuated not just by the makeup you choose but also by the accessories you pair with your look. At Color Guru, we believe that the right accessories can elevate your winter beauty to new heights, creating a harmonious and striking appearance.

Selecting the Right Jewelry

For winter types, the key to selecting jewelry lies in embracing cool-toned metals and stones. Silver, platinum, and white gold are your best friends, reflecting the coolness of your natural palette. These metals can highlight the crisp, clear quality of your winter coloring. When it comes to gemstones, think of those that mimic the icy tones of winter – diamonds, sapphires, amethysts, and pearls. These stones not only complement your skin tone but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your overall look.

Scarves and Hats

Winter is the perfect time to play with scarves and hats, not just for warmth but for style too. Choose scarves in rich, deep colors like royal blue, emerald green, or burgundy. These colors can provide a beautiful contrast to your winter complexion and can be a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. Similarly, hats in sleek designs and cool tones can be both a practical and stylish addition to your winter wardrobe.


If you wear glasses, choosing the right frames is crucial in enhancing your winter beauty. Opt for frames in black, silver, or cool-toned colors that complement your overall look. Avoid frames with warm tones, as they can clash with your cool coloring. The shape of the frames should also complement your facial features – angular frames can accentuate the striking nature of winter types.

Handbags and Shoes

Your handbag and shoes are the finishing touches to your winter ensemble. Choose these in colors that resonate with your winter palette – black, navy, or gray can be versatile choices. For a more daring look, opt for a bag or shoes in a bold color like deep purple or metallic silver. These can add an exciting element to your outfit without overpowering your makeup and jewelry.


How To Get Started With Our Custom Color Palette Service

Ready to transform your winter blues into a vibrant winter palette extravaganza? At Color Guru, we’re thrilled to be your partners in this color-filled adventure. Here are the steps to get started with our custom color palette service and unlock the magic that awaits you!

Select Your Package of Choice 

Explore our range of packages on our user-friendly website. From proper consultations to hair color recommendations or just color palletes, we have packages tailored to suit your unique needs. Choose the package that resonates with you, and get ready to embark on a personalized color journey that will leave you feeling confident and fabulous all winter long.

Your Colorful Winter Awaits! 

As you take the plunge into our custom palette service, remember – it’s not just about colors; it’s about embracing your unique style and personality. Let the winter palette magic begin! Reach out to us, book your session, and get ready to slay winter with confidence and style. Your Color Guru adventure awaits!

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