What is Seasonal Color Analysis

What is Seasonal Color Analysis?

Did you know that not every color looks good on every person?  The right colors can make your skin look brighter, your eyes and teeth look whiter, and give you that natural glow!  While the wrong colors for you can drag you down, wash you out, overwhelm you, and even make you look older, tired, and sick!

A color consultation performed by a professional color analyst might be the best investment you ever make to look and feel confident in everything you wear, understand your personal color style, and save time and money while shopping for clothes!  Your color card is a cheat sheet wardrobe color guide!

So, you may be asking “What color suits me best?”

There is a whole family of colors that suit you best, not just one!  And in seasonal color analysis they fall into color categories by season.

Here’s a quick and simplified overview:

Winter types look best in cool, deep, and clear colors

Spring types look best in warm, light, and clear colors

Summer types look best in cool, light, and muted colors

Autumn types look best in warm, deep, and muted colors

Because we find these 4 categories way too general, we actually break down those types further.  Each season has 3 subtypes, so we have 12 types total.  Here are our types:

The biggest mistake we see other color analysts making is that they base their color analysis on skin tone only.  While skin tone is certainly a very important factor, a quality color analysis should take into account hair, skin, and eye color.  For example, you could have a winter skin tone, but spring eyes, and summer hair!  We’ve seen it!  This is when a professional color analyst can determine which season will look best on you.

So what is the best color analysis system?

No matter which system you choose for your color analysis, you should look for a few important things:

#1 – Is the analysis based on hair, skin, and eye color?

All 3 need to be taken into consideration to properly identify your color style!

#2 – How many colors do they give you?

It’s pretty difficult to build a wardrobe around just a handful of colors.  Look for systems that give you at least 25 best shades, ideally more.  At the Color Guru, we found that 35 is the perfect amount.  That’s why we created our color cards to look like this, with your best 35 shades!

#3 – Do they offer makeup and hair help as well?

You’ll likely feel like knowing your best clothing colors is a total gamechanger, but you may want to upgrade your makeup and hair color to coordinate with your season.  It’s wonderful to have that help available if you want it!

We give makeup cards that look like this:

Here are some of the most common questions we hear…

Will my colors change as I age?

Will my colors change if my hair goes grey?

What colors look good on tan skin?

What colors look best on pale skin?

Can you really tell me my best colors with a virtual color analysis?

Is your system based on season color theory?

What does it mean when a color washes you out?

The answers to all of these questions and more can be found on the FAQ page on our website at this link


Til next time, stay colorful!