What’s up with all of these rules❓

As the founder of Color Guru, I sometimes get this argument: “What’s up with all of these rules? Shouldn’t people just wear whatever they want?” ?

To which I answer “YES!” For some people, wearing whatever they want means throwing out any and all “rules” anyone else prescribes for them. I honor that. However, after working with hundreds of women, I know that the “no rules” approach often leads to boatloads of confusion. ??

Before I began studying color analysis, I was confused too. I bought lots of stuff, but it didn’t work on me or work together! I disliked shopping and just thought “I guess I just don’t have any sense of style.” Well, that wasn’t true. ? ? ? ? ? ?

What I didn’t have was good guidance. Why do celebrities look so put together? Because they’ve paid a stylist, who has tons of practice and expertise to guide them. Great personal style takes good guidance and practice, that’s all. And once you know the rules, you can intentionally and thoughtfully choose to break them, like I did in this photo. ? ?

I’m a Calm Autumn and the blue of this dress is not on my color card. I wear deep, muted, and warm colors best. Well, this dress is deep and muted, but it isn’t warm. However, it is peppered with warm colors. But you know what the most important thing was? I just instantly fell in love with it! And I knew that, for me, it was a great purchase because there are many things that work about it, and I love it. ??

Here’s a vote for getting good guidance AND wearing what you love!??