Which type of Winter are You?  Understanding the 3 Types          

Whether you already know you’re a Winter type or are looking for tips on the Winter seasonal type in general, you’ve come to the right place!  The Winter seasonal types are defined by specific characteristics, but there are 3 different types of Winters, and we’ll explain these in more detail below.  

All Winter types in general have coloring that is cool, deep, and clear.  Because of this, they look best in a color palette that is also cool, deep, and clear.  The 3 types of Winters have some overlap in their colors, and some colors that differ.  Winter looks, style tips, and style inspiration from the Winter color palette can include black, crisp white, jewel tones, and a few carefully chosen pastels.  

Winter types can have a variety of skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors, but most Winter types have either:

  1. Very deep coloring overall – this typically looks like brown or black skin with cool undertones, dark hair, and dark eye color.  Or, 
  2. Cool under-toned high contrast – this typically looks like fair skin and dark hair and typically (but not always) a cool eye color.   

There are a few occasional exceptions to this rule – we occasionally see a Winter who has platinum blonde or gray hair, but the majority of Winter types fall into one of the first two categories.  

So that you can nail your Winter style and rock some Winter outfits, let me show you examples of the 3 types of winters we have in the Color Guru system. 

They are: 

  • Moonlit Winter
  • Vivid Winter, and
  • Twilight Winter

These 3 types have some similarities and some colors in their palette that overlap, but they also have some important differences, which I’ll show here.  

Moonlit Winter:  The coolest of the Winter types.  Moonlit Winters are on the far side of the cool spectrum, with hair, skin, and eye color that leans cool.  See the pink in her skin?  That’s a cool undertone.  An example of a celebrity Moonlit Winter would be Anne Hathaway.  

Vivid Winter:  The brightest of the Winter types.  They have very high contrast between hair, skin, and eye color.  An example of a Vivid Winter celebrity would be Zoey Deschanel.  

Twilight Winter:  The deepest of the Winter types.  Twilight Winters have deep coloring in their hair, skin, and eyes.  An example of a celebrity Twilight Winter is Viola Davis.  (Note:  Twilight Winters are not all women of color.  There are some people with lighter skin tones that fall into the Twilight Winter category as well).  


That’s a quick rundown of the Winter types!  More blogs coming soon with Winter clothing inspiration, winter color coordination, outfit ideas, and more!   

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