5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Your Own Colors [VIDEO]

Choosing your own colors is difficult and requires a lot of effort. It takes time to find the right colors that compliment you. Whether you’re out shopping or picking from your wardrobe. Save yourself time and money with a professional color analysis.

There are several mistakes we make when we try to pick our own colors. Here are 5 common mistakes I see when giving a color analysis.

Wearing Too Much Black

One of the most prevalent mistakes revolves around black. Many people think they can wear black well. But not every season is fit to wear black. A winter wears black beautifully. But not so much the other seasons.

Charcoal Gray, for example, is a better option for a summer. Black is looked at as a great basic for everyone. For the springs and falls it can look too heavy and washed out. It can also drag down a summer a little bit.

Not Coordinating Your Makeup Colors

Save yourself time and money with a professional color pallet. Once you wear those colors and clothes consistently you’re going to look amazing. It completely transforms the way you wear clothes and shop for them.

When you’re not following your color pallet it’s difficult to have balance. The harder something is, the easier it is to make mistakes. You can use your color pallet to help choose your makeup too. Once you know what your color pallet is you can transfer it to anything and begin to transform yourself.

Wearing Colors Too Bright for You

There are two seasons for bright colors which is winter and spring. Summer and fall are not meant for bold colors. They’re complimented more by softer colors. These bold colors don’t compliment you or bring out your natural beauty.

It’s important to know the difference between a clear color and a muted color. Winter and springs look good in bright clear colors. Summer and fall look good in muted colors. Employ this and you’ll reduce your mistakes greatly!

Being Stuck in a Color Rut

People seem to think that they are limited to the colors they’ve found. They may have found a color that looks great on them. But when you’re limiting yourself to just these colors you don’t see your other options. There are several colors you’re ignoring that will compliment you.

You’ll begin to surprise yourself with the colors you didn’t know would compliment you. Have a professional color analysis to open your world of color. You can wear a particular shade of every single color, you just need to pick the right shade. There is a color out there for everybody.

Waiting Too Long for a Color Analysis

There is so much value in having a color analysis done. It’s something you can use for the rest of your life. Many women I’ve spoken to have wished they got their color pallet sooner. It makes it effortless to look good. Every color in your wardrobe will bring out your natural beauty.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes!

Click here to see the options available to you. There are several different packages to figure out your color and look good for the rest of your life. Even as you’re aging your season stays the same. You can use these to pick out your clothing and makeup to begin compliment you.