Are you WARM or COOL?

Discovering whether you’re warm-toned or cool-toned overall can help you understand why certain colors make you glow, and others well…don’t.

These two celebrities are great examples of an extremely warm-toned person versus an extremely cool-toned person.

Julianne Moore is WARM. Red hair, peaches and cream skin, and warm golden green eyes puts her on the far side of the WARM spectrum. This is why she looks so stunning in this tomato red color – this is a version of red that has a lot of orange in it, making it very warm.

Katy Perry is COOL. Black hair, (at least in this photo, she loves to change her hair color!) porcelain skin, and cool blue eyes put her on the far side of the COOL spectrum. This is why she looks so amazing in this cobalt blue color, which is a cool color.

So, if everyone were a Julianne or Katy, seasonal color analysis would be quite easy! And if you look just like one of these ladies coloring-wise, then you’re in luck, and you now know whether you’re warm or cool.

However, here’s the catch! MOST people have a mix of both warm and cool features, and this is where you need a trained eye to clarify where you are on that spectrum.

Our color consultations not only show you whether you’re WARM or COOL, but determine whether you look better in LIGHT or DEEP colors, and CLEAR or MUTED colors. We do an in depth study of the photos you submit, and bring that all together to determine your ideal color palette!

The feedback we get most often – “I wish I had gotten my colors sooner!”

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