How to Look Good on Zoom!

So many of us are suddenly doing Zoom chats to connect with fellow workers and also family and friends.

Here are 3 Quick Tips for looking better on your Zoom chats:

1) Wear a color that contrasts with your background. If the wall behind you is beige, and you’re wearing a beige sweater, you’ll just faaaaaade into the background. So, if you’re background is neutral, choose a bright pop of color – it will brighten your viewer’s day too!

2) The most universally flattering neckline is a V-neck. Doesn’t matter if it’s a short V-neck or a deep V, but a V-neck instantly creates a beautiful shape! Just don’t go too low if you’re Zoom-chatting with Grandma Millie…

3) Did you know that Zoom has a “touch up my appearance” setting? I didn’t! And I’ve been using Zoom for years! Just tap “settings” and then “touch up my appearance.” I got this tip from @ars_magna – my favorite Boston-based photographer.