Love it or hate it? A color analysis quiz is likely a waste of your time.

Once people understand the massive difference wearing the right colors for them can make, their next step is finding out what their own colors are.  Enter the online color analysis quiz – the simplest and (spoiler alert!) least accurate way to determine your best colors.

Why am I throwing shade at color analysis quizzes?

#1 Let me share with you the message I get over and over again – in my DM’s, in my email, and to the Color Guru support inbox.  It goes like this:  I did a color quiz and got my seasonal type, but I don’t think these colors look good on me!  I keep trying them and it’s just not working.  Please help.”

A color palette quiz is designed to determine a person’s seasonal type and are becoming increasingly popular. However, despite their popularity, experts in the field of color analysis agree that these quizzes are often inaccurate and can lead to incorrect identification of a person’s seasonal type.

If for example, if one of those quizzes puts someone in the wrong summer color palette, it’s likely they will look washed out.  Summer seasonal color analysis has to be done so carefully.  They all do – Spring, Autumn, Winter.  But back to our summer example – what does it mean when a color washes you out?  It means it’s not aligned with your skin, hair, and eyes in a flattering way, often the issue with looking washed out is that the color is not the right saturation level for your features.  The wrong colors can make you look older, tired, washed out, overwhelmed, or even ill.  The right colors have the power to make you look glowing and highlight your best features.

#2 The second problem with seasonal color analysis quizzes is that the questions are often too vague or subjective. For example, a question might ask the user to choose the color that is closest to their hair color from a selection of photos. However, the selection of photos may not include their actual hair color.

Plus, can the quiz algorithm determine the undertones in the hair color?  What if they dye their hair often?  What if they are in the process of going grey?  What if their hair is dark in the winter, but in the summer gets natural golden highlights from the sun?  And that’s only the hair part, not even taking into account the question of skin tone or eye color, which are also an important part of the process and quite hard to nail from looking at a series of photos.  One incorrect answer can lead to flawed results and a misidentification of that person’s seasonal type.

#3 Color analysis quizzes are often based on outdated ideas and theories about color.  Older color palettes sometimes have colors that aren’t find-able in stores.  Older systems often lump everyone into only 4 types, which isn’t nearly specific enough to give someone an accurate palette that highlights their hair, skin, and eye color.

In conclusion, as with everything, you get what you pay for.  However, the wonderful thing about a plunking down a little bit of cash for an experienced professional color analyst to do your colors is that you can be confident that your results will be accurate.  You won’t waste time and money buying the wrong shades for you, and you’ll start to look gorgeous darling – in everything you wear!

How do I find quality color analysis near me?

To answer the question “Which season are you?” you don’t need to find a color analyst near you or take your chances with an inaccurate online seasonal color analysis quiz.

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Maybe you’re looking for a quick an easy makeover, make shopping for clothes easier, or you want to create a more minimalist capsule wardrobe?  Color analysis helps with all of these!

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