Naming Our Colors! ?

I occasionally get asked from people who have had color consultations and gotten their Color Guru color cards,  “Do these colors have names?”  Hmmm…they didn’t.  And I was avoiding giving them names for a few reasons:

1.  I didn’t want to give them boring, obvious names like “light pink.”  I wanted each color to feel special because I believe each color IS special!  

2.  I didn’t want to name them myself.  Not because I don’t love the idea of naming colors – I do!  I’m totally envious of those people who get to name the Benjamin Moore paint colors – how fun!  However, I knew that I could never name them as well on my own as I could with help from the Color Guru Community.  

3.  I wasn’t sure how I could add names to the current design of the color cards.  I like to keep the cards simple, portable, and uncluttered.  I finally decided that we will not add the names to the cards at this time, but that the color names will be available on the website (coming soon!) 

So, I posted the first color on Instagram @yourcolorguru and WOW!  What a response!  

We got over 100 submissions for this color!

It was so much fun!  Finalists were:  @darcychildress with Rosy Glow, @erin_go_brawl with Peony, and @groundswellportland with Pigtunia!  

The WINNER was:  

I thought it was an appropriate blog post for Valentine’s Day – here is a sweet Peony for you!  

So please join us over at @yourcolorguru on Instagram for the color naming fun!  We name at least one color per week!