Seasonal Color Analysis is the Key to a Capsule Wardrobe

I always wanted an organized wardrobe where everything coordinated with everything else.  That was not my reality for most of my life though.  My reality was a closet full of mismatched stuff that I didn’t like all that much, and never seemed to go together!

Looking back, now that I’m a professional color analyst, I know that it’s because I had a smattering of so many different seasons in my closet – summer colors palette, winter color palette, spring colors palette, and autumn colors palette!  No wonder my clothes didn’t match together well!

I knew what I wanted – an affordable capsule wardrobe where everything in my closet looked great on me and coordinated together.  Was that so much to ask?  I didn’t think so…

I looked at some capsule wardrobe inspiration online, and wasn’t too excited by what I saw.  A lot of the capsule wardrobes were all neutrals – black, white, beige, grey.  Yawn.

I already knew for sure that black was not a good color for my particular skin tone, so black was out.  Plus, some of the capsule wardrobes were SUPER minimalist, and while I definitely wanted to pare down, I didn’t want a hardcore minimalist capsule wardrobe either.

Plus, I wanted to wear COLOR!  Not just neutrals.

Well, here is one of the best secrets of a capsule wardrobe – the clothes don’t all have to be neutrals, they just have to be a family of colors that work together!  And that’s what we created with our seasonal color analysis system, which we (biased, I know) think is the best color analysis system available on the internet.

The Color Guru is not just another color analysis quiz.  We view color analysis as an ART and a SCIENCE.

Because a seasonal color analysis quiz is automated, it can only view it from the “science” perspective.  Example – if a color palette quiz asks you your hair color, and you enter “brown” how does the quiz determine which shade of brown, what the undertones are, and how it contrasts with your hair, skin, and eye color?  I hate to get all “hater” on the concept of an online color analysis quiz, but I have seen so many people mis-typed and misled through them!  We see brown hair in every single season – we see Summer types with brown hair, Autumn types with brown hair, Winter and Spring types with brown hair.  “Brown hair” is not enough.  What makes the biggest difference is the nuances that a computer can’t spit out an answer to.

Season color theory is something you gain expertise with over time, and we have 12 color seasons to fit the vast variety of coloring we see in our customers.

I got off on a tangent there, but to come back to my main point – don’t try to plan a capsule wardrobe without starting with a quality seasonal analysis!  It’s a family of colors that go together so that you don’t have to worry about your clothing not matching.  It’s a game changer!  It’s the KEY to a capsule wardrobe!  Here is an example of one of our 12 color cards, so you can see how well the colors coordinate!  Plus, your color palette has the best colors for your hair, skin, and eyes, so you always feel beautiful and confident in what you wear!