Fall into Beauty: Expert Tips for Autumn Makeup and Beauty


At Color Guru, we revel in the rich tapestry of fall and its enchanting color palette, and we’re here to guide you, the fall types, in weaving these warm, earthy tones into your makeup and style. Fall types are blessed with an inherently warm undertone to their skin, often complemented by hair and eye colors that echo the depth and variety of autumn leaves. Our custom color consultation zeroes in on these natural hues, recommending makeup that not only matches but also enhances your personal coloring. Our approach is about more than just color selection; it’s about understanding the harmony between your natural palette and the changing season, bringing out a warmth and depth in your appearance that is uniquely you.

Embracing your fall beauty (read more about Fall Beauty Palettes here) means diving into a world of creamy, earth-toned foundations, eyeshadows that range from subtle golds to bold coppers, and lip colors that speak of ripe fruits and spices. Imagine lips painted in the shades of cranberries or pumpkins, cheeks with a hint of peachy blush echoing the softness of an autumn sunset, and eyes outlined with the gentle hues of the forest canopy. With Color Guru, you’re not just changing your makeup; you’re embracing a season within yourself, celebrating your unique beauty with every brush stroke.

The Essence of Fall Coloring

At Color Guru, we specialize in bringing out the best in those with autumnal coloring – characterized by warm undertones in the skin, often accompanied by hair that ranges from rich brown to fiery red, and eyes that sparkle like amber or warm green. Our philosophy revolves around enhancing these natural hues with makeup choices that reflect the warmth and depth of the fall season.

Foundation and Concealer

The key to perfect fall makeup starts with choosing the right foundation and concealer. For fall types, we recommend foundations that lean towards golden, beige, or warm honey tones. These shades complement the natural warmth of your skin, creating a harmonious and radiant base. When selecting a concealer, opt for one that can subtly brighten the under-eye area while blending seamlessly with your warm-toned foundation.

Eye Makeup

Fall is the season of warm, earthy tones, and your eye makeup should celebrate this. Eyeshadows in shades of rich brown, golden amber, and rustic orange not only enhance the warmth of your eyes but also bring a touch of the fall’s natural beauty to your look. Consider incorporating eyeliners in deep browns or warm plums, and finish with a volumizing mascara to add depth and intensity to your eyes.

Lips and Cheeks

Lip colors for fall types should evoke the richness of the season’s harvest. Deep reds, burnt oranges, and warm nudes can beautifully enhance your natural coloring. These shades can range from bold and vibrant to soft and muted, allowing for versatility in your makeup looks. For blush, go for shades that mimic a natural flush – think warm peaches, soft coppers, or light bronzes, applied with a light hand for a sun-kissed, autumnal glow.

Hair Color and Style

Your hair color and style can significantly impact your overall fall look. Warm hair colors like auburn, caramel, and chestnut can beautifully complement your fall makeup. Consider styles that reflect the season’s relaxed and cozy vibe – soft waves, textured bobs, or loose braids can add a touch of autumnal charm to your appearance.


Accessorizing Your Fall Look

In the world of fall makeup and beauty, accessories play a pivotal role in complementing and enhancing the warm, rich tones typical of this season. At Color Guru, we understand the importance of selecting the right accessories to bring your autumnal look to life, creating a harmonious blend of color and style that reflects the essence of fall.


For those with a fall palette, jewelry should be chosen with an eye for warmth. Gold and copper tones are particularly flattering, as they echo the natural warmth of your skin and hair. These metals can add a glow to your appearance, resonating with the cozy, inviting atmosphere of the season. When it comes to gemstones, consider those with warm hues such as amber, garnet, or tiger’s eye. These stones not only complement your fall makeup but also add a touch of elegance and richness to your overall look.

Scarves and Hats

Scarves and hats are not only practical for the cooler weather but also a fantastic way to add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe. Choose accessories in rich, earthy colors like burnt orange, olive green, or deep burgundy. These shades can beautifully complement your warm-toned makeup and create a cohesive look. Textures also play a role here; think of soft, cozy fabrics that add a tactile dimension to your style.


If you wear glasses, selecting the right frames can enhance your fall beauty. Look for frames in warm tones such as tortoiseshell, warm browns, or even subtle golds. The shape of the frames should complement your facial features and your fall makeup style. Angular frames can add structure to your look, while rounder frames can soften and balance your features.

Handbags and Shoes

Your handbag and shoes are the finishing touches to your fall ensemble. Choose these in colors that resonate with your autumnal palette – think of shades like caramel, russet, or deep green. These colors not only complement your makeup and clothing but also tie the entire look together. For a more adventurous look, you might consider a handbag or shoes in a bold fall color, like a rich pumpkin or vibrant plum, to add an exciting element to your outfit.


How To Get Started With Our Custom Color Palette Service

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