Beautiful Summer Colors in the Fall [VIDEO]

Summer is officially over. Sad but true. It’s time to say goodbye to the beach and BBQ’s. Say hello to the cool temperatures of Fall. Just because it’s over doesn’t mean you need to tuck away your Summer colors. Wear the colors that compliment you this season. Get out these Summer colors from your wardrobe.

Colors for All Summers

There’s a variety of colors that will compliment you in the fall. Whether you’re a Sunlit, Moonlight, or a Calm Summer, there’s a color out there to compliment you. Some of us are forever our season and want our colors to be the same way. These colors will help you look gorgeous while keeping those colors that compliment you.

Powerful and Dynamic Color

My number one recommendation is Navy. It’s one of the best neutral colors. In the Summertime your ideal navy shade is light, not a dark navy. It’s important to know the difference. If it’s a navy that almost looks black, it’s not your navy. Get the shade that best compliments you. Light navy is a powerful and dynamic color for Summer.

Popular Color in Stores

Another color that is popular in stores right now is mauve. It is gorgeous for any type of Summer. It helps to bring out your natural cheek and lip color. Keep this in mind when you’re on your next shopping trip!

The Red of Summer

Keep an eye out this year for Cranberry. It’s a Summer’s red. This is one of the deepest colors in your pallet. It’s a beautiful color for you in Fall and Winter. You can pair it with Jeans, a gray sweater, gray boots and silver jewelry. Look stunning this Fall without having to sacrifice your Summer colors.