Sewing Lately?

More of us are picking up that needle and thread since Covid-19 has shut down the tailors and seamstresses. I’m sad for these small businesses.

I’m also happy that some people are getting their hands back in sewing and mending because it is such a satisfying and calming practice.

Have you ever sewed a button back onto a shirt, making it wearable again?

Have you ever shortened the straps on a sundress to make it fit your body more beautifully?

Have you ever hemmed pants (I’m 5’1″, so I’ve hemmed pretty much ALL of my pants) for you or your children?

Most women I talk to find this a very satisfying practice. Because we are working with our hands and making something useful or beautiful. It’s also calming and grounding to sew or mend.

I’m thinking about putting together a very basic free course in sewing and mending. Is this something you’d be interested in?

Be Colorful!

Jeannie <3