A Funeral for the “Little Black Dress”

I hope the myth of “every woman should have a little black dress” dies a SLOW, PAINFUL death.



Wait, no a FAST, FINAL death.  Right here. Right now.

“Every woman should have a little black dress!”  Sorry, Tim Gunn, some women can’t take a little black dress and “Make it work.” 

(PS, I still LOVE Project Runway, and Tim Gunn, for that matter.  I will never tire of the way he says “Lackluster!”)

Here’s the thing though, black is not some magical universal color that everyone can wear.  However, it has been sold to us by the fashion industry as such.  Black is a cool color, it’s a deep color, and it’s a clear color.  If you’ve had your colors done and you’re any variation of winter, you know that cool, deep, and clear is your perfect combo, and you know that you look dynamite in black.  If you’re a summer, black isn’t going to be the worst on you (orange and brown are your nemeses – nemesis plural?) However, for any variation of summer, charcoal grey is a much better choice.

AUTUMNS and SPRINGS – Listen Up!

If you’re an Autumn or Spring, then black is going to wash you out my friend.  Big time.  If this is disappointing for you, I understand.  I used to wear black too.  I thought I looked chic in it.  I read in fashion magazines that it was “slimming.”  I felt French.  In the end, just like skinny jeans, it’s not for everyone.  So take a moment to have a cry, and have a little funeral for the black clothing you own.  But don’t wear black to that funeral.  You’re better than that now.  So, if you’re an Autumn or Spring, what are you to do?  What’s your version of “the little black dress?”  I’m so glad you asked!  Take a look at this model.

This model is a spring, and some of you are probably thinking – hey she looks pretty good in that dress.  I’ll tell you why. 

  • Exhibit A – professional lighting.  
  • Exhibit B – professional makeup and hair. 
  • Exhibit C – She’s a model.

If you’re a spring or an autumn and you’re at Uncle Larry’s BBQ, you aren’t going to have any of these advantages.  You need to be wearing your correct colors to look your best!  (And also, why are you wearing black to a summer BBQ?)  I also want to point out that next to the model’s delicate features and warm hair, that the black looks like one big block.  Do you ever aspire to be “blocky looking” when you’re going out?  I thought not 🙂

Here’s the fact.  Even though the model may not look terrible because of these 3 things, she still doesn’t look nearly her best.  I’ll prove it to you.  Look at her eyes in the teal blue.  Look at the gorgeous blush in her skin in the deep rust color.  Look at the way her hair shines against the plum.


Same dress, same girl.  The right color changes everything, my friends.  

Til next time,



Wanna know your colors? Click this link to learn more!